welcome to the new year! it's gonna be a good one, i feel it in my left pinky toe. 

and it's time for some changes, mopping through it all with my swiffer3000. 
with all the projects like our new INDIE WEBSITE and so many exciting things coming up this year it's time to acknowledge the fact that annoyingly my day only has 24 hours. meaning this very site will retire... at least for a while.

honestly not only my time but also my verve for blogging in this format has ceased over the past months. i absolutely love to post about the music, movies, pictures, people, clothing etc i come across. but somehow talking about - and posting pictures of - oneself almost every day, this self-involement, the crazy kind of exhibitionism... it is just not healthy.

when i started this site to share the things i came across working on INDIE and material girl magazine i took stuffed animals with me - to events, interviews or fashion weeks and had animal heads photoshopped on my outfit photos to steer around the me-me-me-me-trap. but of course there is no way to avoid that trap on a personal blog.

it was exciting to see how clicks and likes increased the more outfit and diary-like posts i did. but the wish to show all the places and things i discovered during my work, travels and free time lead to a different way of perceiving..., well, life. With growing exposure through facebook and instagram you quickly find yourself wanting to share rather than actually experience. suddenly things that you didn't take a photo of seem like they did not happen or count. you don't see anymore, you document.

i am very grateful for you, my wonderful audience, and i am especially happy this page never attracted any haters. thanks for all the lovely comments, messages, gifts i received and journeys and events i got to go to.

a reader once wrote to me saying that my page encouraged her to embrace her own kookiness and i was so touched. because that's exactly what i am trying to promote. with my cheapo flea market outfits, my silly travel anecdotes, the trashy mobile phone aesthetics... if there ever was a message it's definitely the cheesiest and most important of all: never change who you are in order to fit in.

my travel/backstage etc stories will find a new home on our magazine websites, i will keep posting on my INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK, i have my own gif madness TUMBLR, my inspiration pics will flow into the new INDIE TUMBLR and i'll be putting together mixtapes regularly HERE (new one went online today)

luv u all: